• ShelterBox disaster relief

Rotary members carry out a wide range of programmes and activities. With local Rotary clubs in every corner of the world, we are able to work directly with clubs in disaster hit areas to understand what aid is needed and be sure that money raised goes directly to those in need.

Projects range from providing water and sanitation, disease prevention, literacy projects, education, building schools, hospitals, water wells and growing local economies through sustainable development.

When disasters such as earthquakes, typhoons or floods occur around the world, we are quick to respond through our support for survival kits such as ShelterBox and AquaBox, which provide the basic essentials required in an emergency situation.

Here are just a few of the ways Kingston Rotary are helping:

  • Vision Aid : We are active in collecting redundant spectacles that are sent to a sorting centre for onward distribution to third world countries. Here, qualified opticians match the specs to those that have sight problems to bring about a much needed improvement to their quality of life.
  • Water Aid: We have an ongoing relationship with Water Aid who work in 17 countries providing water, sanitation and hygiene education to some of the world’s poorest people.  They work with local communities and use a mixture of low cost technologies to deliver lasting solutions.
  • Sponsored Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) Worker: VSO is a leading development charity with almost 1500 skilled professionals currently working in 34 countries. They respond to requests from government and community organisations throughout Asia and Africa.  Kingston Rotary is proud to be sponsoring Alexa who is currently in Abi Adi in Ethiopia.
  • SOS Children Villages: SOS Children is the world’s largest orphan and abandoned children charity. They provide a new family in amazing Childrens Villages for over 60,000 children in 123 countries, and helps almost a million more people through their projects around the world. Kingston Rotary Club is proud of its sponsorship of Moise aged 6 in Kigali .
  • Lend with Care : is a revolutionary way for you to help people throughout the developing world transform their future. Set up by one of the world’s leading aid and development organisations, enables families to find their own route out of poverty. And it allows you to have a direct impact on their lives.  Kingston Rotary are currently supporting Martha in Petuake, Zambia who is married with five children and with the money we have lent her she will set up a stall to sell rice, sugar, candles, biscuits and other assorted goods.   From the profits she will repay us, take her children to school and provide enough food for the family.
  • Kids for Kids: Kids for Kids adopts whole villages, lifting them out of abject poverty. The loan of 6 little goats gives the children urgently needed goat’s milk – protein minerals and vitamins which make a dramatic difference not just immediately, but for their long term health.
  • Youth Activity Week: In August each year a team of 3 students from the Kingston area together with 3 students from  Germany and Poland go on an activities week.   Each of the three countries take it in turn to host all 9 students.   This gives the students an opportunity to see the world as it should be seen, meeting and living with people from other countries, learning about their cultures, and also discovering themselves.

Herewith a quote from the girls from Tolworth School sponsored by Kingston Rotary to go on its International Youth Activity Week:
“Kingston Rotary’s ‘Youth Activity Week programme enables participants to travel abroad to experience foreign cultures, traditions and languages. As lucky participants, we personally found the experience enthralling, interesting and above all, fun, culminating in one of the best experiences of our lives and the development of strong lasting friendships. We felt privileged to be part of such an experience.”

Exchange Visits

The Club has a regular programme of exchange visits with Rotary Clubs based in Bad Bergazabern, Germany and Poissy, France. This is an excellent way of meeting Rotarians from other countries and of visiting those countries with excellent tour guides!

The Club also has links with clubs in Belfast and Australia.